Charge Up Commercial Application

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Hawaiian Electric is making the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations easier and more cost-effective for Condominiums, Apartments, Fleet Operators and Commercial Sites. The Charge Up Commercial Pilot (“Pilot”) enables Hawaiian Electric to install charging infrastructure up to an agreeable point of connection with a customer’s charging equipment.

How to Complete This Application

Follow these steps to submit your application:

  1. Complete all sections of the application form
  2. Gather electronic files (e.g., PDF) including a site plan or aerial image with annotations for:
    1. Proposed location of charging equipment including power cabinets and dispensers if applicable
    2. Proposed location of new utility meter for charging equipment.
    3. Restricted access areas of the property that Hawaiian Electric would not have 24/7 access for maintenance of Make-Ready Infrastructure (e.g., electrical panels, conduit, charging stations, etc.)
  3. Obtain a copy of the land agreement if the property is leased.
  4. Gather documentation if there are known or suspected potential environmental, land use or other permitting issues such as existing contamination, flooding, or zoning concerns.
  5. Fill out the form and upload the supporting documents described above.
  6. Text marked with * are required and must be filled out before submitting the application.

Note: Attachments not to exceed 3 MB combined, or more than 1 MB per document.

  • Part I: Acknowledgement of Eligibility Criteria

    Please check each box to indicate that you have read and understand each eligibility criteria.
  • * Required
  • Part II: Applicant Information

    Proposed Location for Charging Infrastructure
  • Do any of the following apply to you?
    • A city, county, state or federal governmental agency*
    • An IRC Section 501(c)(3) organization*
    • A participant in the Energy Advantage program within the Affordability and Accessibility program established by Hawaii Energy reserved for certain small businesses and restaurants*
  • Applicant Point of Contact
    • Is the Applicant the legal property owner?*
  • Property Owner (if the Applicant is not the legal property owner)
  • * Required
  • Part III: Applicant Information, Continued

    • If the Applicant is not the landowner, is the property owner aware of the project and in support of installing charging equipment?*Participation in Charge Up Commercial requires the property owner (individual or organization holding title to the site) to execute the Participation Agreement and grant Hawaiian Electric the necessary rights-of-way where the charging infrastructure will be deployed.
    • Is the Applicant’s Point of Contact authorized on the existing electric account at the proposed location?* Participation in the Pilot will require an authorized individual on the account to establish separately metered service for Charge Up Commercial charging.
    • Does the site have access restrictions requiring Hawaiian Electric or its contractors to schedule visits in advance?* Hawaiian Electric may conduct several on-site assessments to determine the feasibility of deploying charging stations. No restrictions would allow Hawaiian Electric representatives or contractors to freely access the site, including parking spaces.
    • Are there known or suspected potential environmental, land use or other permitting issues such as existing contamination, flooding, or zoning concerns?*
    • Are there other infrastructure projects, planned or underway, at the site?* Any infrastructure projects could potentially impact the designs provided by Hawaiian Electric.
  • * Required
  • Part IV: Applicant Information, Continued

    Charging Equipment to be Installed on Make-Ready Infrastructure
  • Service Specifications (if known)
  • General Opportunities
  • Electric vehicles
  • Parking
  • * Required
  • Part V: Document Uploads

    Please upload you documents.
    • File format requirements (jpg, png, pdf). All files must be under 1.3MB.

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  • Part VI: Submit Application

    • By signing below, I acknowledge that I read and understand the eligibility criteria for Charge Up Commercial, and that I will endeavor to meet them. I also hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, any information provided in this application is true and accurate.

    • * Required